Invented in the village. Eaten in the city.

What about us?

Since 2020, we have been on our way to living the dream to bake original Moldavian placindas in peasant style in Beltsy city. This story has begun on vacation spent in the village in a friendly company of grandfather and grandmother. There we came up with the particular idea which was running around the head like a windmill. Along with our friends, we succeeded in fulfilling the dream.


Having fallen in love with peasant placindas, we are convinced to be the best in the city. We give careful attention to ingredients’ quality and focus on preparation mostly. Everything is fresh as well as chosen thoroughly. For our main ingredients we never use preservatives or food coloring. Indeed, are we in need of them? Of course, not! Apart from the healthy food which is our main passion, we are fond of fun and entertainment, particularly, fishing, sports, local crafts beer, parties and travels all over the world.